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European Auto Repair
Walnut Creek, CA


European Auto Repair Walnut Creek, CA

Mercedes Benz  |  BMW  |  Mini  |  Porsche  |  Audi  |  Volkswagen  | Volvo

European Auto Repair      1573 Third Avenue      Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Serving the Diablo Valley, Contra Costa County and beyond since 1997
31 Years' Experience | Mercedes Benz Factory Trained | Parts, Service & Repair
Authorized Extended Warranty Service  |  Bosch Authorized Service Center | Certified Green Business
TerraClean Authorized Service | Autologic Diagnostics Equipped | MISTTM Authorized Service

oil change | tune ups | air conditioning | electrical | major & minor maintenance
Mercedes (MBZ) Service A | Mercedes (MBZ) Service B | Mercedes (MBZ) Flexible Service | BMW Inspection I - BMW Inspection II
suspension repairs | brake services | transmission services | radiator services | engine repair  | window replacement & regulator repair
check engine light service
An independent study shows the dealer is the most expensive place to have your car serviced and repaired - nationally about 34% more expensive than independent service shops. Some dealers imply you must go back to them for service. Not true: Your Warranty Stays in Effect! Click Here!

It makes good sense to have the same mechanic for the life of your vehicle, but many new owners think they must have their vehicle maintained only by the car dealer to keep their warranty in effect. Not true: Click here for the details.

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European Auto Repair, Auto Repair & Service, Walnut Creek, CA

Talk of the Town Award

Bosch Authorized Service Center

2013 Award
Excellence in
Consumer Services



The Quest for Excellence and Trust

Service Excellence You Can Trust

Most of our customers bought their vehicle because of trust ... trust in the fine engineering and safety of a machine that delivers far more than just transportation, safety or style. Our customers drive the finest cars ever made.

For owners of fine cars, the quest for excellence and trust continues on in the selection of an auto repair service provider. Of course, those working on your car must be qualified and have all the right tools and replacement parts, but they also must have that zeal for perfection.

We know you sought excellence when you bought your car, and we strive to keep delivering excellence as we maintain it for you.

That's why we go beyond expectations in maintaining your vehicle, with a personal relationship not easy to find in larger auto service and repair establishments. We've tuned our skills through education and practice for more than 18 years. More than just mechanics, we seek the same things you do ... excellence, perfection and trust. 

We are proud to be certified as a Green Business by The Bay Area Green Business Program
See our Green Business Pledge (click here)
We warranty all our work for a full  year or 12,000 miles - new parts and labor.
New Bosch parts other than batteries carry a two-year warranty.

A trustworthy source for auto repair and service in Walnut Creek, CA.
Here, Your Service Advisor is the Owner! For Owners of New Cars and Older ...

Carlos Showing, Owner

Because we're not a huge operation, the person you can always talk to about your car is the owner. You get to know him, and he takes pride in knowing you, and your requirements. He is hard at work every day on your behalf.

European Auto Repair

While their new vehicle is under a manufacturer's warranty, many think they must have all service done by the car dealer. This is not so, and it can be costly. While warranty-covered service and repairs are free!
Carlos Showing is well-respected as a person who - along with everyone on his team - treats those who trust their vehicles to his care as if they were family. You'll immediately appreciate the difference between this and dealing with conventional service managers.

This is natural, because it's his business reputation at stake if your satisfaction is not fulfilled. We thrive on your recommendation to others. 

Here, you'll find the treasured European traditions that have all but faded away with corporate interests at the helm of large modern day businesses. Pride, honor in a hard day's work and responsibility live on.

Our primary reputation is that of a Mercedes repair shop, although we specialize in service and repair for all German cars - Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mini, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen and also Volvo automobiles.

Few new car owners realize they can have their car faithfully serviced by our skilled mechanics while still keeping their warranty fully in force. Our rates for normal services and repairs not covered by a warranty can save your hard-earned money.

We are your advocate, looking for warranty-covered items each time we service your vehicle. When we find a warranty-covered item during service to your vehicle, we refer you to the dealer for the cost-free covered repairs. This informs and puts you in charge of getting the right service and repair for your car at the best prices.

A personal relationship with your car mechanic for the life of your car is better. With us, your car's service records will always be in one place and you will always have an advocate working for you, because we depend on your recommendation to others for our livelihood. 

We are fully educated, skilled and qualified to provide the trustworthy service you seek at more competitive prices you'll certainly appreciate.

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We specialize in German Sport & Foreign Auto Care

Here you will find a wealth of information about European Auto Repair, Inc. We created this site because we know that anyone choosing a place to maintain their car is likely to be careful about that choice. You'll find our certifications, recommendations and lots more. Check out our Porsche and Audi pages with special offers on those fine cars. Our email newsletter (sent only when we think it has something of value for you to know), will also let you become more familiar with us. Of course, beyond all this, we urge you to stop by and meet us, before you have a particular service need. That way we can get to know one another and you can decide for yourself if we will be the one's to trust for your vehicle's care.
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